Renowned Japanese Neo-Pop Artist Hiro Ando Launches His Foremost Digital Collection, 'The Samurai Cats'

The Samurai Cats image 2

It is a one of its kind NFT project which is all set to take over the space shortly on its launch.

Japanese artist Hiro Ando is all set to launch his new NFT collection named Samurai Cats on December 12. On launch the project will offer 4747 Samurai Cats on the vast digital space of NFT. Ando, who leads the Japanese neo-pop art space and is also the co-founder of Studio Crazy NOOdles, plans to revolutionize the contemporary art market by relying entirely on NFTs or “non-fungible tokens.” He says that these unique digital property titles guarantee the authenticity of the artworks and allows the artist and buyer to navigate smoothly between the physical and virtual worlds for their choice of art. Ando says that he is extremely excited about this futuristic project and has given his best by offering his innovative collection. Steve Aoki, who is one of the most popular DJs in the electro dance scene, is a partner in Samurai Cats as he believes the project is going to make a huge impact in due course of time.

The Samurai Cats image 1


Hiro Ando, is an extremely multidisciplinary and subversive artist who amalgamates traditional themes with modern ones, having established himself as a leading artist of the Japanese neo-pop art culture. He has been truly inspired by the world of manga and the prominent characters they bear, like the Samurai or the sumo wrestler. Furthermore, he showcased his extremely talented side by revealing himself to the general public with his sculptures in the form of Samurai Cats, which have found a good market value. Now, he has entered the NFT space by offering the sale of his unique collection of 4747 Samurai Cats. This collection on the digital medium use the Ethereum blockchain and are hand drawn from over 300 layers by Ando. There are a host of benefits which the buyers are expected to receive through the use of these NFTs which include access to the Samurai Cat image, the virtual gallery, and previews of upcoming collections, including physical and digital ones.

When asked what made him enter this space? Ando said, “the team at Crazy NOOdles Studio wanted to step into this new digital revolution and thought of what better way than getting into the NFT space, which are revolutionizing the market in a big way. It was one of the foremost reasons to set the contemporary art market in the fast lane by stepping into this ever-growing innovative and advanced realm.” The transition was indeed a well thought affair as the NFT market has seen an exponential growth, which reached $2.7 billion in the 2020-2021 fiscal year (+117%), and there has been a surge in the online migration of contemporary art auctions since the beginning of the global pandemic which crashed the world’s economic structure.

Henceforth, the owners of physical artworks of Hiro Ando can claim a free NFT which opens the doors of the artistic community to the virtual world, the Metaverse. “The technological advances have opened up an entirely new world, and cryptocurrencies play a prominent role in pushing the world beyond our expectations,” concludes Ando.


For more information, visit www.samuraicats.io and stay connected via Instagram: @samuraicats_by_hiroando