The Battle Cats Is Getting A Lunar New Year Event, With A Ton Of Cat Food On Offer

The Battle Cats Lunar Year 2022

The Lunar New Year is coming, and The Battle Cats has some serious celebrations in the works.

From January 17th until February 14th you’ll be able to claim an absolute avalanche of free Cat Food to spend on new heroes and items.

Before we tell you how, here’s a bit of background on PONOS Corporations feline blockbuster.


Originally released in Japan before rolling out to global app stores in 2014, The Battle Cats is a casual tower defense game with an emphasis on accessibility and lovably bizarre presentation.

The aim is to collect cat heroes and field them in battle against a range of cartoon enemies, including robots, snakes, crocodiles, giant pigs, and tiny people.

The Battle Cats is a bonafide mobile megahit, with 65 million downloads and close to 450,000 reviews across the App Store and the Google Play Store, averaging an impressive 4.5 stars.


Tempted? Well this is the best possible time to start playing. Throughout the Lunar New Year event you’ll be able to get a huge head start by claiming Cat Food in a number of different ways.

First up, you just need to login and collect a stamp each day. Then you can head to the Wildcat Slots to claim another 777 Cat Food with a limited-time free spin.

After that you can complete a stage of the special Lunar New Year map every day for another 20 Cat Food a pop, and enter a contest on the The Battle Cats Facebook page for even more.


Plus, your first 11-Capsule Draw at the Rare Cat Capsule Machine is half price during the event, giving you even more bang for your buck.

What are you waiting for? Head to the Google Play Store or the App Store to get downloading.