The Anker Video Bar Is The Perfect Tool For Working From Home

anker video bar

Anker came to CES and announced a handful of things this week, including the new Anker B600 Video Bar. This is essentially a webcam with a light and a speaker all-in-one. It basically has everything you’re going to need to have a meeting, or even do some streaming.

The webcam portion itself has a 2K sensor, that is capable of 30 frames per second. There is also field-of-view adjustments, autofocus and it uses AI-powered zoom features and image enhancement. Of course, there is a microphone array within the webcam, and it uses an AI algorithm to make noisy environments sound quiet on the other end.

Packing in a key light is impressive

Most of us working from home don’t have ideal lighting, and for most people, that’s okay. But if you’re going on video podcasts, or on TV, you’re going to want some better lighting. Now while the Key Light is likely not powerful enough to really give you perfect lighting, it should make a difference.


Anker also has a feature that is called MagicSight that is available on the Video Bar, and basically it can make automatic light adjustments for you. So you’re not too bright and not too dark. There are more tweaks to color temperature and brightness available within the app.

Finally, there’s the speakers inside the B600 Video Bar. Given the size of the video bar, we doubt that they are amazing. Similar to virtually any other webcam on the market. They are basically there so you can hear, without using headphones. Though you should still use headphones, as it helps to get rid of the background noise.

Anker is going to put the B600 Video Bar up for sale on January 25, and it will cost $220. That’s not cheap, but then again, this is packing a lot of cool features, like that key light.