Tecno Unveils A Telescopic Macro Lens For Smartphones

Tecno telescopic macro lens

Chinese smartphone maker Tecno has announced a telescopic macro lens for smartphones. The company touts the new camera to significantly improve the quality of macro shots while also making the shooting experience a whole lot better.

Tecno has not revealed the specifications of the world’s telescopic macro lens nor has it shared sample images taken from the camera. But the company did publish a video showing the new camera in action. As you can see in the video attached below, this lens features a mechanical element that lets it extend out from the device’s body. This will allow users to capture macro shots without having to get too close to the subject. Sure enough, this will make capturing close-up shots much less painful.

According to a GSMArena report, this telephoto macro lens from Tecno boasts 5X optical zoom capabilities. It also features a bigger aperture. The result is better and brighter close-up shots than what the current generation of macro cameras can capture. The report claims the new camera can capture macro shots comparable to images from the main camera in terms of quality and detail. Now that will surely revolutionize macro lenses for smartphones.


A movable camera unit will likely take up more space inside the phone than a regular camera. However, Tecno has reportedly assured that the camera doesn’t need “big housing”. Unfortunately, the company didn’t reveal when this macro camera tech will debut in phones. It simply said the first Tecno phone featuring this tech will arrive later this year. It has also promised to release a concept phone with this telescopic macro lens in Q1 2022.

Tecno also has more revolutionary camera techs in development

This telescopic macro lens isn’t the only new camera tech Tecno is working on. In December, when the company first teased this technology, it also talked about Sensor Shift image stabilization. This technology will move the sensor instead of the lens to compensate for vibrations. Tecno says it will enable more stability while capturing photos and videos on s smartphone. The company plans to release the first Android smartphone with Sensor Shift technology this year. Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 series feature this technology.

Additionally, Tecno is working on introducing a self-developed RGBW sub-pixel rendering algorithm in its phones in 2022. This technology will allow the camera sensor to capture significantly more light. The company claims up to a 200 percent increase in light intake. This will revolutionize the low-light imaging experience on smartphones.