Take-Two Purchases Zynga For An Unreal Amount

Zynga Poster

Smartphone game developers are some of the most profitable companies in the gaming industry. As proof of this, Take-Two, the company that owns 2K Games and Rockstar Games, just purchased smartphone game developer Zynga, and it might be the biggest purchase in video game history.

Take-Two bought Zynga for a HEFTY sum

Buyouts are nothing new in the world of enterprise, and they range from a few million dollars to a few billion dollars. According to IGN, Take-Two just purchased Zynga for a whopping $12.7 billion. To put that into perspective, that’s almost 55 times more than what Sony spent to buy Insomniac Games back in 2019; and that’s the company that gave us the PS4/PS5 Spider-Man games!

As with large business acquisitions, it’s not as simple as Take-Two signing a really big check. A lot of the money exchanged was in the form of stocks. With this acquisition, Zynga stocks actually rose by 64%.


What should we expect from this purchase?

Right now, the ink is still drying on the paperwork, so it’s hard to tell what will happen at this point. Zynga was already a lucrative company before the purchase, so we can guess that this wasn’t to grant the company more resources. Instead, the case might be that Take-Two wants to build a presence in the smartphone game market.

We also can’t rule out the possibility of Zynga games coming to consoles and PC. The company has been doing just great on the mobile gaming market, but having publishers like Rockstar or 2K games could help the company build a console/PC gaming presence.

What games has Zynga developed?

If you’re not really familiar with Zynga, you may have heard of their popular farming simulator Farmville back in the day. Over the past decade, the company has released sequels and spinoffs to that series including the recently launched Farmville 3. Alongside this game franchise, there are other games that you’ve most likely seen in advertisements all around.


The company is responsible for games like Toon Blast, Toy Blast, Merge Magic, Merge Dragons, Empires & Puzzles, the CSR series, the Words With Friends series, and other original titles. While its original titles are popular, the company also has a collection of licensed games from big-name franchises. There’s Wonka’s World of Candy, Willy Wonka Slots, Game of Thrones Slots, The Wizard of Oz Magic Match, and so on.

There are a lot more games under this company’s belt, and if you’re a fan of Zynga, then this acquisition should be good news. We should be getting more information on this acquisition later in the year.