T-Mobile Will Continue To Offer "Netflix On Us" Even With Price Increases

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After Netflix announced it was raising prices last week, many are wondering what will happen with the T-Mobile “Netflix On Us” promotion. Well, good news. T-Mobile will continue to cover the cost of the basic plan. However, if you have upgraded to the Standard or Premium plans, you’ll still pay the difference. So that means you’d essentially get a $10 credit from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile released a statement about it today: “If you’ve upgraded your Netflix on Us (e.g. to Standard or Premium), you will see Netflix’s price change reflected on your T-Mobile bill starting as their changes go into effect,” T-Mobile said. “If you’d like to change your T-Mobile plan to start getting Netflix on Us, you can do that in My T-Mobile.”

T-Mobile’s Netflix promo spurred other carriers to do similar promos

T-Mobile was the first to offer Netflix for free, as long as you were on a specific plan. Since then, other carriers have done something similar. Verizon for example, offers a number of different services for free, or for up to 12 months. That includes the Disney+ bundle (Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu), Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass, discovery+ and others.


But with the way that Netflix is raising prices as of late, T-Mobile may need to rethink this promotion. Or raise prices itself, which would not be out of the question. After all, it did just get all of that Sprint debt, from that acquisition. While T-Mobile may not raise prices, it is possible.

T-Mobile did raise prices slightly, the last time Netflix raised prices back in 2020. Though, it’s unclear if that was due to Netflix or due to its own needs. And it could have been a bit of both, to be quite honest.

Either way, for now, T-Mobile customers will continue to get “Netflix On Us” as they have been for many years now.