T-Mobile Offering 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee With Home Internet

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T-Mobile’s Home Internet service is making a big splash in the home broadband market. With the service now expanding to more regions, the carrier wants to tap into a new branch of consumers. One way to achieve this is by offering a free trial. As per a new report, T-Mobile is offering a money-back guarantee for Home Internet subscribers.

The folks over at T-Mo Report have accessed a document detailing T-Mobile’s plans to provide a 15-day full refund for new customers signing up for the Home Internet service. If you cancel your Home Internet service within 15 days, T-Mobile will issue the complete refund in the form of a bill credit. The promotion is valid from January 27.

T-Mobile wants customers to take this opportunity to try out the service without fear of paying out the entire month’s fee. While Home Internet generally offers decent speeds as per most estimates, it’s always safer to try it yourself.


T-Mobile provides a bunch of freebies for customers of Home Internet

The carrier claims the service offers average download speeds of 35 to 115 Mbps. Of course, speeds are significantly higher in regions with better coverage. Head over to T-Mobile’s official page for details about coverage in your area.

This is one of the many incentives enjoyed by T-Mobile Home Internet subscribers. As of right now, the carrier provides 12 months of Paramount+ for free for new customers. You can also avail $10 discounts on Philo and YouTube TV subscriptions.

T-Mobile Home Internet recently expanded to 57 towns and cities in Texas, including several rural communities. This is part of the carrier’s push to replace traditional landline ISPs in such regions.


Although Home Internet was limited to 4G speeds initially, the carrier announced the arrival of 5G Home Internet in April last year. T-Mobile said during the launch that it would cover at least 10 million rural homes with this new expansion.

Meanwhile, rival carrier AT&T is also making great strides, but in the fiber-optic broadband arena. The carrier recently enabled 2Gbps and 5Gbps fiber internet speeds in 70 American cities. Priced at $110 and $180/month, respectively, these plans are certainly not the cheapest. But that’s a trade-off one has to make for ultra-fast download/upload speeds.

T Mobile Home Internet Money Back Guarantee