T-Mobile Brings Home Internet Service To Over 50 Cities In Texas

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T-Mobile is expanding its Home Internet service across 57 cities and towns in Texas. This move aims to improve internet access across the state’s rural communities to benefit a wide range of sectors. The carrier claims that around 4 million Texans today either have only one home broadband provider or none at all.

An estimate by the Texas Education Agency reveals that nearly 1.8 million students in the state couldn’t undertake virtual learning due to a lack of broadband at home. Meanwhile, over a quarter of the population in Texas towns like Brownwood, Mount Pleasant, and Fredericksburg reportedly have no access to traditional home broadband.

T-Mobile is also positioning itself as a viable alternative to traditional landline ISPs (internet service providers) across Texas. The carrier claims ISPs charged their customers over $9 billion in monthly fees throughout 2020.


By comparison, T-Mobile’s Home Internet service costs $50/month with autopay included. The carrier also promises to maintain the same pricing for at least two years. “And for a limited time, new Home Internet customers get a $50 virtual prepaid card. That’s one month of service ON US,” the carrier said in a press release.

T-Mobile is offering a few perks for first-time customers of Home Internet

This is certainly an exciting proposition for customers in rural Texas looking to get broadband for the first time. Some of the other promotions include $10 off on Philo and YouTube TV for one year. There’s also one year of Paramount+ for free.

Apple TV+ is free for a year, provided you are signed up for the Magenta plan. You can also get Netflix for free, although it requires a qualifying T-Mobile wireless plan. First-time customers of T-Mobile Home Internet also get a free TVision HUB.


“It’s hard to believe that in 2022 we could have so many homes without internet access,” T-Mobile’s Executive Vice President of Emerging Products, Dow Draper said.

“With the investments we’ve made in our 5G network, we have the additional capacity needed to deliver on the full potential of 5G technology and bring home internet to millions of households across Texas and nationwide.”

Head over to T-Mobile’s site for more information on regions newly supported by Home Internet in Texas.