The Stadia Pro Library Is Approaching 50 Free Games

Stadia 1

Stadia is reaching quite a milestone for its Pro membership, approaching a total of 50 free titles available to those who subscribe. To be clear, that’s 50 free titles that will currently be in the Stadia Pro library. Not 50 titles in the library since Stadia was released.

As it stands right now, there are 45 titles in the Pro list of games that you can claim and add to your own personal library. One thing to consider is that Google does swap games out from time to time. Meaning they will be adding some new titles to the list while taking others away.

February is going to be a big month for incoming games. And while we won’t see games like Elden Ring on Stadia, there will be Destiny 2’s new expansion The Witch Queen, which is set to be a pretty big release in general, let alone for the Stadia platform.


7 new titles come to Stadia Pro Feb. 1 for a total of 50 free titles

Starting on February 1, Google will be adding 7 more games to the Stadia Pro library. It says this will bring the list up to 50 titles. Since there are currently 45, that means Google is going to be removing 2 games from the Pro list in just a few days to get that even 50.

Luckily, Google lists which games those are so you can claim them before they’re gone. If you haven’t already added these to your own library, you should make sure to claim DIRT 5 and MotoGP 20. As these two will be leaving Pro the morning of next Tuesday.

In their place, players will be able to claim Life Is Strange Remastered, Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Remastered, Cosmic Star Heroine, Nanotale – Typing Chronicles, Merek’s Market, One Hand Clapping, and PHOGS!.


Players have been able to claim a ton of games since launch

Curious about how many games exactly that Google has more or less given away? A lot. In total since Stadia launched back in 2019, there have been 123 games added to the Pro library. That’s 123 titles that players who subscribed to Pro have been able to add to their own list of games. Excluding any games they have purchased.

The estimated value of all those games is about $3,295. A pretty good deal if you actively use your Stadia account and play games on it vs. other platforms.