Spotify Introduces Call-To-Action Cards On Podcasts

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Spotify made a huge push towards podcasts last year, and that venture seems to be going strong. Last year, the company said that it will be adding “Call-to-Action” cards that will pop up during podcasts. According to a blog post from the company, this feature is now out.

The Call-to-Action cards will change how ads are seen on Spotify podcasts

Ads are an inevitability in this day and age, so at this point, companies are looking to just make the process less painful. Spotify introduced the new Call-to-Action cards, and they will change how ads are displayed during podcasts.

We’re used to hearing podcasters pause for ad breaks during their podcasts, but it’s not always easy to navigate to the product they’re advertising. How many times have you heard podcasters spell out website links because there aren’t any clickable links?


With the new Call-to-Action cards, listeners will be able to go right to the product or service that’s being advertised. The cards will pop up during the ad break so that you can interact with them right away.

Podcasters can customize these cards

Spotify gives creators a lot of control over how these Call-to-Action cards are displayed. The cards will come in different shapes and sizes depending on where in the app they’re displayed.

Creators can customize the text on the cards to fit their needs. The actual call-to-action button, for instance, can say “Learn More”, “Shop Now”, or whatever you want. There are also insight tools so creators can see how well their ads are doing.


The ads won’t only be shown during the ad break

While it isn’t anyone’s dream to see more ads, Spotify makes it sound like a lifestyle improvement. It’s true that the ads will happen during the ad break, they will also show up in other places in the app. If you listened to a podcast with a certain card, you’ll actually be shown that ad later on in the app.

Though this may sound a bit bothersome, a little extra exposure isn’t a bad thing in this case. Advertisers target podcasters because of the demographic they appeal to; as do listeners. If you listen to a podcast, chances are that the creator will be advertising a product that’ll appeal to you.

In Other Spotify News: Spotify introduced a 5-star rating system for podcasts

Spotify Podcasts is still a developing platform, and this means that the company is going to be experimenting with new features. Recently, the company added a 5-star rating system to its podcast.


With this, users can more accurately rate how they are liking the podcast they’re listening to. It’s no doubt that podcasts with higher average ratings will be recommended more to the community.