Spaces Recording Is Now Available To All Twitter Users

Twitter Spaces record

Twitter has announced that Spaces Recording is now available to everyone on the platform. All Android and iOS users can now record and share the Spaces that they have created so anyone who missed out on the live broadcast can catch up later. The feature was in testing since October last year.

When creating a new Space, users will see a “Record Space” toggle. Turning it on will record their live Space, with all participants also being notified of it. Since Spaces are always public, the recordings will also be published publicly on Twitter as soon as the live broadcast ends. The company says the recordings will remain available for public playback for 30 days. Of course, you can delete the recordings before that if you want to. But Twitter may keep a copy of it for review purposes.


Twitter Spaces is getting bigger and better

Spaces is Twitter’s version of Clubhouse, an audio-based social chat app that grew massive popularity during the still-ongoing pandemic. Announced back in November 2020, Twitter has significantly improved its audio chatroom over time. The recording ability is the latest of a string of new features it has added to Spaces.

Twitter first announced that it’s working on the recording feature for Spaces in September last year. The feature rolled out to a small number of hosts on iOS the following month. It then expanded to select hosts on Android in December. Now, following the lengthy testing period, Space Recording is finally rolling out to everyone.

Unfortunately, you still cannot create a new Space on the Twitter web. And since only hosts can record a Space, this feature is not available on the web as well. Both these abilities are limited to mobile apps. Well, you can run the Android app in an emulator or virtual machine but that’s a completely different thing.


Meanwhile, you can join a live Space or listen to a recorded one on the Twitter web. And you can do that without an account. Anyone can join a Space on the web via public links that hosts can share with others. You will not require a Twitter account to listen to that Space. Hopefully, Twitter will soon add the ability to create and record Spaces on the web as well.

Twitter is also testing another feature for Spaces: listener counts. Hosts will be able to see how many people joined the live Space and how many people replayed the recording. This feature is yet to roll out publicly.