Sony Continues To Make PS4 Units While PS5s Are In Short Supply

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The PS5 shortage continues to rage on even in 2022, but Sony has an answer for that. And that answer is adding to the stock of PS4 consoles. Sony is of course continuing to manufacture more PS5 units as well. But a new report from Bloomberg states that Sony is attempting to manage the shortage by also making additional PS4 units so stores can stock up on those.

This isn’t exactly a short-term thing and while Sony won’t make new PS4s forever, it currently doesn’t have a plan for when it will stop. The PS4 is one of Sony’s best-selling consoles to date. In addition to being one of the best-selling consoles period.

So there’s no reason for Sony to stop making them while it can still turn a profit. Though, it will eventually transition to manufacturing PS5s only. Just, not as soon as some might have thought.


Sony will continue to put out PS4 stock through this year

According to a Sony spokesperson, the company will continue to manufacture PS4s throughout 2022. Based on the report, Sony aims to shoot for manufacturing one million more PS4 consoles this year. Having said that, you might also be hard-pressed to find a PS4.

At least for the time being. While Sony confirms it plans to release more stock of it, most of the major online retailers don’t seem to have any at the moment.

As The Verge notes, major online retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and Target have no stock of new consoles. Some like Amazon do have PS4 units available, but they’re Amazon Renewed models which means they’re refurbished. And still selling well over the MSRP.


GameStop is much the same. Offering nothing but refurbished models both with just the console and in bundles with games. This probably means that Sony just hasn’t finished production of more new PS4 units at the moment. But it still poses the issue to would-be buyers that there are no new PlayStation consoles to be had.

At least for now. The potential good news is that the PS4 doesn’t cost as much to make as the PS5 and the tech inside is easier to come by. And that could lead to faster turnarounds of new stock to help with the PS5 shortage for the time being.