Snapchat Brings Poll Stickers, Threaded Replies, Bitmoji Reactions & More

snapchat new update

Popular social media app, Snapchat is adding a host of new features to its app. Ringing in the new year with a bang, and in line to provide its users some new functionality, Snapchat is bringing some useful features.

Both Android and iOS users will be able to use these features, which will make interacting with their friends “more fun and expressive”.

First, Snapchat is adding the Bitmoji reaction feature. Using this function, you will be able to respond to a message using any of the seven personalized Bitmojis available.


According to Engadget, these options include a thumbs up, thumbs down, a heart, a flame, and tears of joy. In order to add a reaction, you need to hold on to a message and then add a reaction.

Next up, Snapchat is also adding the feature to post threaded replies to an individual chat. This feature could come in handy when your group is getting out of hand, but you want to emphasize and want to bring notice to someone’s important message posted on the group.

Simply hold your finger onto a message, and you can hit the Reply button to begin threaded replies.


Snapchat update also improves the video and audio calling interface on its app

The social media app is also getting the option of poll stickers. Using the poll stickers, you can easily create a poll using emojis. These polls would be easily shareable in Snaps and Stories.

You can also use this feature to get your friend’s opinion on whatever question you have. There are chances that this feature could be misused, but it should be used for thoughtful purposes.

You can find this option, when made available, inside the sticker folder. On top of all this, Snapchat is also improving its audio and video calling interface too.


The newly updated audio and video call interface would allow you to add lenses in video calls more easily. Moreover, you will also be able to preview everyone on the group call, before you actually join the call.

All these features and tweaks, make this latest update a good one. Snapchat is aiming to boost engagement and interaction within their app with the introduction of all these new, but fun features.

The new update for Snapchat is already live on the Play Store. If you have already installed Snapchat, then you can check for the update section, and get yourself the latest version to enjoy all these features.