Sengled Announces Health Monitoring Smart Bulb & More

Sengled Health Monitoring Smart Bulb

Smart lighting company Sengled has announced a bunch of new products at CES 2022. We have a health monitoring bulb, video-sync TV light strips, outdoor string lights, portable LED lamp, and more. These products will go on sale over the next few months.

Sengled has a health monitoring smart bulb in the making

To start with, the new Sengled Smart Health Monitoring Light is a smart bulb that can monitor various health metrics using radar technology. It can work alone as well as in a network. You can connect multiple bulbs via a Bluetooth mesh network “to create a virtual map that can help detect human behavior”. The bulb can track your sleep, heart rate, body temperature, and other vital signs.

Sengled’s Product Innovation Director Kenneth Camp has told The Verge that this health monitoring bulb can also determine if someone has fallen. That could be very useful for people living alone. However, it’s unclear what the bulb does after it has detected a fall. Perhaps the company is still working on it as the product isn’t slated to go on sale until the fourth quarter this year. Needless to say, we don’t yet have its pricing details.


Next up, Sengled has announced new Wi-Fi TV Light Strips with Video-Sync. These strips fit screen sizes 55 to 65 inches and use a small camera to determine what’s playing on the screen. They will then light up the environment according to make for an immersive watching experience. The use of a camera means they don’t require an HDMI input.

These video-sync TV light strips from Sengled are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings. You can also pair the strips with other Sengled entertainment products, including its Audio-Sync TV Light Strips and LED Light Bars. They will cost $120 when the sales begin in Q2 2022.

Sengled Video Sync TV Light Strips


Outdoor string lights, portable LED lamp, and more

Sengled also has new Outdoor String Lights going on sale in the second quarter for somewhere between $80 to $90 per strip. They come in 48 feet or 96 feet of “individually color-addressable light bulbs”. You can control them via a Wi-Fi connection or over Bluetooth. The string lights are suitable for your patios, gardens, and similar outdoor spaces. Sengled has included a microphone for music syncing.

Another Sengled product that saw the light of day at CES 2022 is a Portable LED Lamp. It’s a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-connected full-color lamp that can be powered by a plug as well as a built-in rechargeable battery. When used on battery power, it can run for up to eight hours on a single charge. This lamp has a dimming feature, music sync, and wake-up routine. Sengled also offers effects such as a flickering candle. The LED lamp will cost between $60 to $70 and go on sale in Q2 2022.

Sengled has also announced a Wi-Fi LED Essential Oil Diffuser Light, a Zigbee window and door sensor, a Zigbee motion sensor for controlling smart lights, and Bluetooth Mesh LED recessed ceiling lights at CES 2022. All of these products are slated to arrive later this year. The company hasn’t revealed the pricing details yet.


Going forward, Sengled plans to launch its first Matter-compatible bulb this year. It is looking to add Thread bulbs to its lineup as well.

Sengled Wi Fi Essential Oil Diffuser Light Alexa