Keep Secure Without Headaches With CES-Announced Schlage Smart Lock

Schlage Encode Plus with home keys phone TaptoUnlock presser CES 2022

Schlage has a brand new smart lock dubbed the Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt for this year’s CES event. The new gadget brings a lot to the table at a relatively low cost for the segment. Although it’s arguably more functional with Apple products than with Android.

That’s because Schlage Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt is a smart lock that supports Apple’s latest enhancement to the HomeKit experience with home keys capability. In fact, it’s among the first. And that means, using home keys in Apple Wallet, users can tap to unlock the deadbolt with their iPhone or Apple Watch. More specifically, that’s without the need to open any apps up. And that includes the ability to open up the lock even up to five hours after their iPhone battery funs out thanks to a feature called Power Reserve.

What else makes Schlage Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt a great CES 2022 gadget?

Of course, Apple-related features aren’t the only thing worth noting here either. In fact, both the Schlage Home app and Apple HomeKit can be paired and managed simultaneously. So the deadbolt can also be used with Android gadgets. Including via Alexa and Google Assistant via voice commands, and at the same time.


In terms of other features, the Schlage smart lock announced at this year’s CES event also packs everything the company’s original smart lock did. Namely, homeowners can check the status of their locks remotely. And the deadbolt can, once connected to the app, be unlocked or locked remotely too.

Moreover, activity logs are created for the lock, including individualized activity logs for up to 100 access codes. Complete with push notifications and access codes for sharing created in-app. And, of course, those codes can be set to provide permanent, recurring, or temporary access.

Pricing and availability

Schlage has also laid out the pricing and availability for its new Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt, albeit not precisely in terms of location or launch date. The lock will become available in late spring. And it will come with an MSRP cost of $299.


Schlage Encode Plus Century in Matte Black Exterior Headon