Samsung Sold 10 Million Galaxy S20 FE Units Since Launch

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Samsung has announced that it sold 10 million Galaxy S20 FE units since its launch. The Galaxy S20 FE launched back in September 2020, so it took the company just over a year to reach such numbers.

Samsung sold around 10 million Galaxy S20 FE units in around a year

That is probably the reason why Samsung was so adamant to release its successor, despite all the issues. As a reminder, the Galaxy S21 FE launched the other day, finally, after being postponed several times.

For those of you who are out of the loop, the phone was expected to launch in August, initially. Its launch was postponed due to the global chip shortage. After months of anticipation and false reports, the device finally launched a couple of days ago.


That being said, the Galaxy S22 series is likely coming next month, and the Galaxy S21 FE is not exactly extremely affordable. It starts at $699 in the US, and the vanilla Galaxy S22 probably won’t be that much more expensive.

The incoming Galaxy S22 series, and Galaxy S21 FE price tag are a threat its sales

It remains how well will the Galaxy S21 FE do for Samsung, but chances are it won’t do nearly as well as its predecessor. In fact, to show you how good the Galaxy S20 FE has done for Samsung, over the summer, it was reported that all three Galaxy S21 handsets sold around 13.5 million units in total.

So, quite a few months after release, all three Galaxy S21 handsets sold that many units, while the Galaxy S20 FE was able to achieve 10 million on its own in just over a year. That puts things into context.


The Galaxy S20 FE’s combination of powerful specs, sleek design, and attractive price point definitely attracted consumers. It remains to be seen how well will the Galaxy S21 FE do. Our guess is that it would have a much more significant impact if it launched in August, and with a lower price tag.

Who knows, maybe consumers will find it compelling despite the fact the Galaxy S22 series is right around the corner.