Samsung Shows Off New Foldable Phone Concepts At CES

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Flexible screen technology is inching closer toward the mainstream as companies like Samsung continue to innovate with different foldable phone concepts. According to Gizmochina, the Korean tech giant showed off some devices during CES that we hope will eventually launch one day.

The Flex S is the first new foldable phone concept from Samsung

Samsung unveiled some foldable phone concepts under the name “Flex.” The company showed off three new devices that really take foldable phones to the next level. Starting off, we have the Flex S. This device gets its name from the “S” shape it makes when it’s folded. This is most likely the phone that Samsung patented recently. It will unfold, not once, but twice to increase its screen size to that of a tablet.

One side of the phone will be exposed when the phone is completely folded, and this side will be the screen you use as a regular smartphone. While it’s, ostensibly, triple the thickness of a regular phone, Samsung states that it’s still easy to pocket.


The Flex G is similar to the Flex S with one exception

The Flex G is also a phone that folds twice. When it’s folded, it’ll still be rather thick, and it still opens up to a tablet’s size. The main differentiating factor is the fact that none of the screen will be exposed when the device is closed. Instead of forming a zig-zag when folded, both outer sides will fold inward.

This might actually be a more popular (and sensible) phone due to the fact that the screen is not exposed when it’s folded. While flexible screens are getting stronger, they’re still rather fragile compared to standard glass.

The Flex Note is a foldable tablet

Leaving no stone unturned, Samsung presented its Flex Note device. This isn’t a foldable phone but a foldable laptop. When it’s closed, the Flex Note will be the size of a small Chromebook, but when unfolded, it will have a large 17-inch display.


While this could theoretically be used as a large and awkward tablet, you’ll use the top half as the screen and the bottom half as a keyboard. The bottom portion could also be used as a large controller.

Rounding off the devices is a sliding phone

Samsung also filed patents for phones with sliding displays. The company showcased its vision for a phone with a sliding display. This phone will have the footprint of a regular phone, but after pressing a button on the side, the screen expands about an inch or so. From what we saw at the presentation, it will summon a side panel with different app shortcuts.