Samsung Remains World's Top Smartphone OEM, Xiaomi Growth Is Undeniable

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Samsung has managed to remain the world’s top smartphone OEM, but Xiaomi grew immensely. This information comes from IDC, which has shared statistics for 2021, and Q4 2021 as well.

Samsung is still the world’s top smartphone OEM, but Xiaomi grew quite a bit

Let’s first talk about 2021 as a whole, shall we. Samsung has managed to sell 272 million smartphones, and get 20.1-percent of the market. It grew 6-percent year–over-year (YoY).

Top 5 smartphone OEMs 2021 IDC


Apple is second-placed with 235.7 million sold smartphones, with a 17.4-percent market share. The company grew 15.9-percent YoY. Xiaomi managed to secure third place with 191 million sold smartphones. The company got 14.1-percent of the market, and grew 29.3-percent YoY. Out of the top 5 companies, Xiaomi’s growth is the most significant.

OPPO also managed to grow quite a bit, though. The company grew 20.1-percent YoY. It sold 133.5 million smartphones, and secured 9.9-percent of the market. Vivo, on the other hand, sold 128.3 million handsets, secured 9.5-percent of the market, and grew 14.8-percent.

Apple ruled Q4 2021, as expected

If we look at the sales for Q4 2021 only, Apple managed to rule. The company sold 84.9 million smartphones, and secured 23.4-percent of the market. That still means it sold fewer phones than in the same period last year, though.


Top 5 smartphone OEMs Q4 2021 IDC

Samsung sold 68.9 million devices in Q4 2021, and it secured 19-percent of the market in that period. Xiaomi is once again third-placed, with 45 million devices sold. Xiaomi secured 12.4-percent of the Q4 2021 market.

OPPO and Vivo sold 30.1 and 28.3 million smartphones in Q4 2021, and secured 8.3-percent and 7.8-percent of the market, respectively. That means both companies sold fewer phones than in the same period last year.


So, if we look at YoY change for all five companies in 2021, all five of them managed to grow compared to 2020. Xiaomi’s growth was most notable, though OPPO also managed to grow quite a bit.