Samsung Plots Course For 2022 At CES Via 'Together For Tomorrow'

Samsung CES 2022 01 together for tomorrow vision ces

Samsung took to CES 2022 this week with a new plan and a new vision it calls “Together for Tomorrow.”

The new plan effectively encompasses its mission statement for the year and has already gotten an early start. Specifically, with the launch of its new Samsung Odyssey Ark displays — also announced at CES. But while that technology plots Samsung’s course on the “Empowering Users with Customized Experiences” front, it isn’t the only worthwhile tech to be mentioned in Samsung’s Together for Tomorrow vision.

Samsung will also be offering more custom options for its Bespoke line-up of Family Hub and French 3- and 4-Door refrigerators in 2022. As well as new appliances from dishwashers, ranges, microwaves, vacuums, washers, and dryers. And has plans to make SmartThings Hub a built-in feature of those appliances as well. While also announcing its role as a founding member of the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA). The HCA hopes to bring various smart home appliance manufacturers together for a better end-user experience.


What else is Samsung planning for 2022?

One of the most stunning examples of how Samsung plans to tackle 2022, starting from CES, is its new SolarCell Remote. Now, the branding here is a misnomer. The first-of-its-kind remote is planned to launch with future televisions and appliances, as one example. And it doesn’t actually use batteries. Highlighting Samsung’s 2022 commitment to be more sustainable. Instead, it relies on radio waves from 2.4GHz routers — as well as solar power. Effectively pulling electricity from users’ Wi-Fi networks.

Samsung indicates that should go a long way toward its goal of eliminating more than 200-million batteries from landfills. And, in fact, Samsung plans for all of its TVs and phone chargers to operate at near-zero standby power too by 2025. Building on Samsung’s environmentally-friendly efforts which have also seen five million tons of e-waste collected by the company since 2009.

Continuing in the vein of sustainability efforts, Samsung says it has earned recognition from the Carbon Trust as well. In 2021, the company helped reduce carbon emissions by nearly 700,000 tons. That’s via its Carbon Trust-certified memory chips. And it will build on those efforts and others further too in 2022. Starting with expanding the use of recycled materials in all mobile and home products over the next three years.


The plan also includes an expansion of the use of recycled materials in packaging, building on other longstanding efforts. Following on the use of those materials in all TV boxes in 2021, Samsung will be expanding to include interior packaging. So the styrofoam, box holders, and plastic bags found in those boxes will be built from recycled materials as well.

And one more expansion will round things out for Samsung this year

Finally, Samsung also unveiled an expansion of its Eco-Packaging program. The program utilizes cardboard boxes, turning them into other items. For instance, the company says it turns them into cat houses, side tables, and other furniture. In 2022 and moving forward, that will include packaging for home appliances as well.