Stop Managing Your Chores Alone & Let Samsung Home Hub Help You

Samsung Home Hub 1

Samsung has created a way for you to easily manage all of your home’s chores more efficiently, with the help Samsung Home Hub. It acts a centralized device to tell you what chores you’ve already completed and what still needs doing.

Whether you easily lose sight of these things or not, there’s no disputing that having such a tool like this in your home would make things simpler, less frantic, and dare we say it, a little bit more enjoyable. Just a little bit.

Very few people probably actually enjoy doing chores. But, they need to be done anyways. So why not get any assistance where you can? Samsung’s new device, which it just announced during CES 2022, is positioned to be that assistance.


Samsung Home Hub is powered by AI

Samsung Home Hub 3

While it won’t be able to physically do chores for you, it can help you manage all those tasks. The tablet is powered by artificial intelligence and sits in its own cozy little dock where you can see and access it easily.

As it’s AI-powered it can talk to connected home tech that you have. So in a roundabout way you could potentially have it do chores for you by managing smart appliances around the home. Like a smart vacuum that needs to clean the floors or a washer and dryer that need to begin their loads.


The device runs on the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem. Allowing it to connect to any smart home device that’s also compatible with the same system. Which means a pretty broad range of devices and appliances. Though, Samsung’s own smart home devices probably work best with it. As is usually the case with these things.

It also learns user preferences and customizes smart home devices to meet those preferences. Which means even less for you to worry about.

It’s also a smart display of sorts

Samsung Home Hub 2


Of course it can do more than just connect with smart home tech. While it can do things like alert you when something in the dryer needs changing, it’s also a very capable smart display for things like step-by-step cooking instructions. Perfect for weeknight meals or weekend dinner parties.

Plus, the whole thing is compatible with Bixby which means easy to use voice-controlled interactions. Samsung hasn’t announced any pricing yet but it has vaguely mentioned availability. Samsung Home Hub will launch in Korea in March followed by a global launch later this year.