Samsung Is Going To Announce Its Epic New Smartphone on February 9


As expected, we now have an invite for Samsung’s next Unpacked event. Which is set to take place on February 9. That’s the same date that we’ve been seeing in leaks in the past few weeks. It’s a bit later than last year, but that might also be because of the chip shortage.

According to the invite, we are going to be getting the Galaxy S22 series at this event. Which is pretty much a given at this point. We always get the new Galaxy S series around this time of year. Samsung is calling it “The Epic Standard”. And given the leaks we’ve seen of the Galaxy S22 series so far, it definitely seems like it’s going to be epic.

It’ll be another virtual event

To no one’s surprise, this event is going to be another virtual one. Samsung has had quite a few of these now, over the course of the pandemic. And it has gotten a whole lot better at these events. The first couple in 2020 were pretty cringy, but in 2021, they were much better.


While the Galaxy S22 series will be announced on February 9, pre-orders are likely to start the same day right after the event, or possibly the next day. With them being available about two weeks later. This based on how Samsung has released its phones in the past few years, and of course the chip shortage could really affect this.

So what else could Samsung announce at Unpacked next month? Well the only other device we’ve really seen a lot of leaks for is, the Galaxy Tab S8 series. And considering we did not get a new flagship tablet from Samsung last year, it’s definitely time for them to release it.

We’ll know more on February 9. And you’ll be able to watch the full event on YouTube.