Samsung Talks About The Galaxy S21 FE In A 9-Minute Video

Galaxy S21 FE promo video screenshot

Samsung announced the Galaxy S21 FE earlier today. You can take a closer look at the phone’s specifications, or check out our hands-on content, both of which have been published on the site already. If you’d like to see more of the Galaxy S21 FE, however, you can delve into Samsung’s new video content.

A 9-minute Galaxy S21 FE introduction video is here, with two additional promo videos

The company published a 9-minute Galaxy S21 FE video via its official YouTube channel. That video is embedded below this paragraph, and it essentially introduces the phone. This video has a heavy camera emphasis to it as well, so you’ll be able to get plenty of information regarding that. The company also talks about its design, customization options, and so on.

That is not the only video that Samsung shared, though, not at all. The company actually shared three videos via YouTube. This is definitely the longest one, but the other two may interest you as well.


One of them is titled ‘Galaxy S21 FE 5G: Official Introduction Film’. It has a duration of 1 minute, and it’s here to quickly show you the phone’s design, colors, and some of its main features. You’ll get to see some camera features, a 120Hz refresh rate mention, and more.

Samsung even unboxed the device in front of the camera

The last video that Samsung published is essentially an unboxing video. That video is also not long, as it has a duration of 1 minute and 17 seconds. The video is embedded below this paragraph, and it’s a short unboxing video, as its name says.

If you’re wondering what sits inside the retail Galaxy S21 FE box, this is the content for you. Do note that the charger is not included here, though that’s what was expected. You do get a Type-C to Type-C cable, so all you need is a charging brick.


The Galaxy S21 FE is quite late to the game, as it was initially supposed to launch in August last year. The phone is quite powerful, though, and it may interest some people despite the fact the Galaxy S22 series is likely coming next month.