Samsung's Expert RAW App Updated With New Features, Bug Fixes

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra AH 11

Samsung has released a new version of its Expert RAW camera app for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The updated app (version is now available to download from the Galaxy Store. We have the provided to it at the end of this article.

Expert RAW is a fairly new app that brings professional-grade imaging capabilities to Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. Launched back in November 2021, the app quickly grew in popularity among Galaxy S21 Ultra users thanks to the plethora of camera features and added controls it offered.

However, as is the case with most new software, the initial version had quite a few issues. Samsung fixed some of those with an update in December (version But the app was still not as smooth as it could have been. It had issues with shutter speed information when capturing images with a long exposure time (more than 2 seconds).


The app also had a bug that affected the image quality when shooting very bright or saturated objects. Other known issues include a bad pixel problem with the telephoto lens and a voice command bug in the Settings menu.

Samsung recently announced that an upcoming update for the app will fix all of these problems. A moderator on the company’s official community forum in South Korea said the updated version will be released on January 22. However, it has now hit the Galaxy Store ahead of that. The post on the community forum has also been updated to reflect this change.

Additionally, the changelog mentions a new feature called High Efficiency RAW. It is an optional toggle that lets you capture RAW images in high-efficiency format to save storage space on your phone. There could be more new features and improvements in version of the Expert RAW app. We haven’t yet tested the updated app, so we confirm that yet.


Samsung will bring the Expert RAW app to more Galaxy devices in the future

Expert RAW is one of the best apps Samsung exclusively offers for its phones. For photography enthusiasts, it could be the very best. But, unfortunately, the app is limited to the Galaxy S21 Ultra as of this writing. The Korean firm has promised to bring it to more flagship Galaxy devices in the future but hasn’t provided any timeline yet. Perhaps the upcoming Galaxy S22 series will get the app next, followed by a few others. We will let you know as and when we have more information.

Meanwhile, if you’re using a Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can click the button below to download the latest version of the Expert RAW app from the Galaxy Store app.