Using Ring Smart Home Security? Now It Can Listen For Glass To Break

Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor presser

Amazon’s Ring has a new sensor for its smart home security ecosystem, dubbed the Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor. As the branding here implies, the new sensor is designed from the ground up to detect breaking glass. Specifically, that’s breaking glass at up to 25-feet away, using a glass break algorithm and AI.

When glass breaking is heard, whether that’s a window, door glass, mirror, or some other object, the new smart home sensor sends out an alert. Or it can even be set to turn on your Ring alarm, depending on whether the system is set to “home” or “away.”

How does the new Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor work?

The new sensor, like Ring’s previously released Flood & Freeze Sensors and Smoke and CO Listeners, is a standalone product. That means it is purchased and linked up wirelessly to existing Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro products. And it works with Ring Protect Pro subscriptions too, ensuring that the monitoring center is alerted if glass breaks too. Including triggering a call from Ring’s monitoring professionals.


To get started, all buyers need to do is mount the new Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor to a wall, ceiling, or furniture near glass doors and windows. And, of course, the gadget needs to be added to the Ring Alarm in-app. Just as with any other Ring-built DIY accessory. That keeps the installation process as straightforward and simple as the product itself.

This will be available soon and pre-orders are already open

In terms of pricing and availability, Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor is already available for pre-order and will begin shipping on February 16. The cost for a single alarm isn’t prohibitively expensive either. With prices starting at $39.99. A two-pack comes at an even bigger bargain, at roughly $10 off, for just $69.99. With free shipping for orders over $49.