Razer Removes "N95-Grade Filters" Claim From Zephyr Marketing

Razer Zephyr Mask 4

The Razer Zephyr mask used to say that it came with N95-grade filters. That is no longer the case as over the weekend, Razer has removed that claim from the mask’s marketing materials. It now simply lists that the mask is a wearable air purifier but, doesn’t claim to have the same preventative properties as an actual N95 mask. It’s not a PPE device and Razer now makes that point more clear.

This decision comes after an article written by PCMag that came out on January 7. Following Razer’s announcement for the new Zephyr Pro. In which the publication says Razer’s use of the term ‘N95-grade’ “feels over the line.” The article further goes on to say that Razer should stop using the term. And one day later the company began that process.

On Saturday, January 8, Razer sent out a tweet stating that it has taken in feedback from regulatory agencies to establish testing protocols for Zephyr. While linking to a new blog post about the science behind the mask and what it can do. Razer never actually acknowledges removing the term ‘N95-grade.’ Yet it has removed it.


The Razer Zephyr and Zephyr Pro are not N95-certified

Many people likely already knew this fact, or at least suspected it. But Razer now explicitly states on its website that the masks are not N95-certified. This should help avoid any confusion about the two mask models going forward.

But that likely does little to help the customers who already purchased the mask. It’s been available in many limited drops since it launched last year. Because the mask marketing originally stated that the filters were N95-grade, some customers surely bought the mask hoping to use it in place of actual N95 masks.

Of course for some the N95-grade terminology is not the only complaint. At least one user on reddit has drawn attention to the face gasket not sealing properly. While the mask likely provides at least some level of air purification, it appears that it doesn’t do so on a level that’s equal to PPE. So if your main concern is having masks that you can wear in accordance with mandates for COVID-19 preventative measures, this probably isn’t your best bet.