PUBG Mobile Developer Is Suing Copycat Game (Also Google & Apple)

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Copycat games and blatant rip-offs are a reality in the gaming world, but sometimes, they can lead to some serious legal actions. Krafton, the company that brings us PUBG Mobile, is dragging a Singaporean company named Genera Online over its PUBG clone. Along with the company, Krafton is also suing Google and Apple.

Krafton is suing Genara Online over the PUBG clone along with Google & Apple

The battle royale format proved to be a smash hit concept with companies using the formula established by PUBG and Fortnite. While people can debate if a game is either copying a game or paying homage, Krafton seems to know where the line is drawn.

The company attempted to sue Genera in Singapore back in 2017 over its game titled Free Fire: Battleground (even the name is similar to Play Unknown’s Battleground) but the two companies settled out of court. Now, Krafton is looking to trade blows in court again, but this time in the US Federal Court. Also, Krafton isn’t only targeting Genera, it’s also going after Google and Apple. Why Google and Apple? Well, these two companies published the game to their platforms.


What does the case say?

After Krafton and Genera had their spat back in 2017, Genera immediately continued selling Free Fire to the masses via the Play Store and the iOS store. Not only did Genera refuse to change any of the offending material, but it released yet another PUBG clone named Free Fire Max back in September last year. Genera paid no heed to Kraftons’s wishes, so the company is looking for financial reimbursement.

Krafton is holding both Google and Apple liable for the damages done. Krafton claims that, using Google’s and Apple’s app stores, Genera was able to accrue hundreds of millions of dollars using the stolen elements. As for how much Krafton wants, the company stated that it wants $150,000 per offense.

Right now, we have no word on how the case is going or if Krafton will get what it wants. For all we know, it could end in an out-of-court settlement as it did before. Neither Google nor Apple responded to the case, so it might be a while before we hear any sort of resolution to this case.


As it stands, Free Fire is still available on both of the app stores to download from the Google Play Store and from the iOS store.