OxygenOS & ColorOS Could Merge Into H₂OOS At Some Point

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As most of you know by now, OxygenOS and ColorOS teams from OnePlus and OPPO announced an integrated codebase for their OS’ last year. We were wondering if that will mean that the two OS’ will totally merge at one point, and that goes for their name. Well, it’s possible, OxygenOS and ColorOS could merge into H₂OOS.

OxygenOS and ColorOS could merge into H₂OOS

This information comes from Mukul Sharma, a tipster. H₂OOS could be the name of the unified OS down the line. Needless to say, that would be a really odd move by OnePlus and OPPO, or should we say their parent company, BBK Electronics.

That doesn’t seem like the best name for an operating system, but there you have it. Do note that this is not a confirmation, or anything of the sort. The tipster could be wrong.


OnePlus did file a trademark for this name recently, though, claims the tipster. That doesn’t guarantee the company will use it at all, let alone as a replacement for OxygenOS and ColorOS.

We’re still not sure the two OS’ will become identical down the line

OnePlus’ CEO did say, a while back, that the unified OS will be separately customized for OnePlus smartphones. Why? Well, for it to maintain support for unlocking bootloaders, and to keep it lightweight.

It is possible that the two companies are planning to keep the names for this OS separate, as it’s obvious that the two OS’ won’t be completely identical, well, at least they’re not at the moment.


If they do become entirely identical at one point, though, a new name could be in the books. Neither of the two companies confirmed anything in that regard, though, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

The community didn’t really reach the best to the changes that arrived to OxygenOS. First OnePlus redesigned it to step away from stock Android, and then the OnePlus and OPPO OS unification announcement came.