Nvidia Shield TVs Recieve HotFix For Bug-Laden Android 11 Update


Nvidia has released two hotfix updates to its Shield TVs, squashing a number of bugs that had snuck into the devices with the Android 11 update earlier this month. So if you have been encountering issues with your Shield TV recently, you might want to install these hotfixes as soon as possible.

However, the company isn’t sending the hotfix updates via traditional means, i.e. OTA (over the air) releases. Instead, it requires users to manually sign up to receive the fixes. You can sign up via a Google Docs form here. You will need to sign in with a Google account and provide the serial number of your Shield TV. To find the serial number, navigate to Settings > Devices Preferences > About > Status on your device.

As Nvidia notes, you cannot roll back to the previous software version from the hotfix. If you still see any issues, you can report those to the company to receive additional hotfixes. You will automatically receive the next public software release though.


Nvidia fixes Android 11 issues on its Shield TVs

Nvidia rolled out the Android 11 update to its Shield TVs earlier this month, jumping straight from Android 9. But the new Shield Experience 9.0 introduced a plethora of bugs to the devices. The company’s official forums as well as other online platforms such as Reddit were full of complaints from the affected users.

Based on that feedback, Nvidia has now released two hotfix updates to the Shield TV lineup. The company has detailed the content of both patches on an official support page. According to the changelog, the first patch that was deployed soon after the big Android update fixes issues with local network connection, Dolby Processing, and YouTube TV, among other things. It also fixes the problem of the TVs failing to detect the SD card after reboot. The compatibility issues between the Kodi media player and the SHIELD TV mobile app and some other third-party controllers have also been fixed.

The second hotfix update, which Nvidia released a week or so after the first update, looks into the issues with the Plex Media Server app, CEC volume control problems, IR volume control problems, and issues with interlaced content playback. Other noted fixes include a long press of the Brand button on the Xbox One controller failing to invoke Stadia. You can find the full changelog for both hotfixes here. Don’t forget to sign up for the updates if you’re having issues with your Shield TV following the Android 11 update.