GeForce NOW Embraces More Touch-Based Games For Easy Mobile Access

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Touch Games

It’s Thursday so you know what that means, new games and features coming to GeForce NOW, and this week’s theme seems to be focused on touch-enabled games for the service. This allows players to really hone in on some of their favorite titles on a mobile device but also without a controller. For now, NVIDIA seems to be starting small with one additional touch-enabled game title. But it won’t be the last and the company says it has big plans to add more.

Also worth noting is that GeForce NOW has had touch controls for a while. But not all games support them. NVIDIA is however working to change that by adding to the touch-enabled library.

NVIDIA will bring more touch-enabled games to GeForce NOW this year

While there’s only one new touch game this week, NVIDIA will be adding more to the roster throughout 2022. It hasn’t explicitly stated how many, when, or which ones. But those announcements will come up as they get closer to the release of each title.


NVIDIA says it’s currently working with publishers to get more touch-enabled games onto the service. Noting that it “looks forward to more publishers streaming full PC versions of their games to mobile devices with built-in touch support.”

As for today’s touch-enabled game, NVIDIA is bringing Fortnite back to mobile devices through GeForce NOW. To be fair, Fortnite never technically left Android as you could still download it through Epic’s own Android launcher app.

But it hasn’t been in the Play Store since Epic went to court with Google and Apple over in-app purchases. This makes it a huge addition for GeForce NOW subscribers using iOS devices. As they haven’t been to play Fortnite for a while.


Fortnite on GeForce NOW is going to be available as a limited time closed beta. Which means it won’t be available in a full launch just yet. If you want the chance to get into the beta you can sign up here.

Four additional new games join the roster this week

Alongside the arrival of Fortnite, NVIDIA is also adding four more new games. This includes Anacrusis, Superland Six Inches Under, Galactic Civilizations 3, and Ready Or Not.

Not all of the games are available today though. Superland Six Inches Under lands on the service tomorrow, January 14. Also worth noting is that Galactic Civilizations 3 only appears to be available between January 13 and January 20. After which it seems to be leaving the service.