Starting Today, GeForce NOW On LG TVs Exits Beta & Is Available To All

GeForce NOW App LG TVs

Last year NVIDIA and LG announced they’d be bringing GeForce NOW to select LG TVs in beta, and as of today that beta is now over and the app is available to all. Having said that, you can’t just download the GeForce NOW app on any old LG TV. You’ll need to have a specific model in order to gain access.

Of course, your other options are to just plug something into your TV that has access to GeForce NOW. Like a Chromecast with Google TV, or an Android TV device like the SHIELD TV Pro. It might be a tad less convenient than a TV app, but your TV model won’t matter.

The GeForce NOW app is available on LG TVs from 2021 onward

If you have a compatible TV, you can find the app as of today in the LG Content Store. You will however need a 2021 or newer model from a select few lines. This includes the NanoCell TVs from last year, as well as OLED, QNED, and UHD models.


Going forward, most or all LG TVs should have access to the app. So if you’re still using an older TV but you are planning to upgrade soon, there’s hope. Plus, there’s an incentive to getting a compatible LG TV if you’re in the market for a new TV. NVIDIA is giving away free 6-month priority memberships. A priority membership is $9.99 a month or $49.99 for the 6-month pass. So you’re saving $50.

There is however one other caveat. This promotion doesn’t start until February 1 and ends March 27, so you have to buy the TV between those dates, and it’s US-only.

Here’s what’s new this week for games

While the LG TV app exiting beta is a big deal, there’s also some new games dropping into the service this week. Which means more games for new and existing subscribers alike.


Altogether there are five new titles you can stream via GeForce NOW starting today. This includes Mortal Online 2 which just released on January 25, Daemon X Machina, Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, Tropico 6, and Assassin’s Creed III Deluxe Edition.

This will also wrap up the new games being added to the service for the month of January, as February 1 is next week Tuesday.