NVIDIA GeForce NOW Is Limited To 1080p On Samsung & LG TVs

NVIDIA GeForce NOW RTX 3080 Tier

NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW service will be limited to 1080p streaming quality on Samsung and LG TVs, according to a report from The Verge who spoke with GeForce NOW General Manager Phil Eisler on the matter.

Basically, if you want the 4K streaming quality, you have one of two options. You can hook up NVIDIA’s SHIELD TV Pro to your TV, which goes for about $199 on Amazon, or you can play games on a PC where the 4K option is also available. You do however also need one other component. The subscription to the RTX 3080 tier.

Which in addition to 4K streaming also offers 8-hour session lengths, access to the RTX 3080 servers, and RTX ON. Earlier this year LG also announced GeForce NOW would be available through its TVs with the app available to download from the WebOS app store. But 4K streaming won’t be available there either.


In addition to GeForce NOW, Samsung TVs also support Stadia

If you aren’t keen on buying a SHIELD TV Pro, there’s another alternative to 4K gaming on your TV direct through the Samsung and LG apps. Stadia. Google has confirmed that the LG and Samsung TV downloads of the Stadia app will support 4K gaming through its cloud service.

And while it may not work exactly the same as GeForce NOW since you either need to buy games or claim them through Stadia Pro, it’s a 4K option without needing any extra equipment.

According to NVIDIA, the 4K streaming option will potentially come to Samsung and LG TVs. Just not for a while. The report states that it will be exclusive to the SHIELD TV for the first half of 2022. So it wouldn’t be until at least late July or early August before the TV apps offer the same stream quality.


Another thing to note is that if NVIDIA does eventually open up this option, your TV’s processor may still limit you.

That’s sort of a long time to wait if you’re wanting to jump into things now. But unless you’re willing to buy NVIDIA’s Android TV device, waiting is your only option at the moment for 4K cloud gaming with GeForce NOW on the TV.