Notch On The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Is There To Support 'Auto Framing' Feature

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Notch Concept

Leaks have already confirmed that Samsung will be introducing an Ultra tablet soon. This tablet will be called the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. It will carry the name ‘Ultra’ not only because of powerful specifications but in terms of new features as well.

Reportedly, Samsung is going to introduce a beast of a selfie camera with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. For that, the company, for the first time, will be introducing a notch on the tablet.

The notch is there not just for aesthetic changes, but for a specific reason. A new report by SamMobile (via Twitter), claims that the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s selfie camera will bring support for a new feature called ‘Auto Framing.’


Notably, ‘Auto Framing’ is similar to a feature available on the iPad Pro called ‘Center Stage’. When enabled, the Auto Framing helps keep the subject in frame using pan and zoom, while the subject moves around.

The ‘Center Stage’ feature was widely appreciated by tech enthusiasts across the globe. Because it helped users to continue giving live lectures or presentations, without worrying about being inside the frame.

If ‘Auto Framing’ arrives on the Tab S8 Ultra, then the Galaxy S22 Ultra may also get it

Samsung’s ‘Auto Framing’ feature debuted with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. As of now, it is exclusive only for foldable phones from the company. Apparently, this is because it goes well with the Flex mode.


New reports do hint that ‘Auto Framing’ may soon be available outside of the foldable range. There is no clarity if the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be built around this feature, but that reasonably explains the presence of the notch on the tablet.

Well, ‘Center Stage’ was one of the main reasons behind Apple’s iPad Pro being termed as the best tablet, over the other competitors. Now, if Samsung brings ‘Auto Framing’ to Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, then it may bring sales in favor of Samsung.

Present leaks and rumors confirm that the upcoming Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is going to be a premium tablet offering from the company. Although the presence of Flex Mode hasn’t been confirmed, it still has plenty of features to compete with the iPad Pro.


Moreover, if Samsung could bring the ‘Auto Framing’ feature to the tablet S8 Ultra, then we can expect it to arrive on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and possibly other Galaxy models as well. For that, we need to keep our eyes glued to any further development.