It's Easier To Like And Comment On YouTube Videos Now

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Companies often add features to their software to make using them just a bit more convenient. YouTube just did this by adding a new menu that will make it easier to like/dislike, share, and add videos to playlists. This new menu pops up when you tap on the video.

A new menu lets you interact with YouTube videos

When you’re watching a YouTube video in landscape mode, you have the option to swipe up in the video to access a menu that lets you interact with it. Along with showing you the related videos, you can also like/dislike, share, and add videos to playlists. This was a quick and easy way to interact with the video without having to rotate the device.

Even though it’s pretty easy to do this, the streaming service wants to make this process even easier. In a recent update, YouTube took those controls and made them available with a simple tap. Just tap on the video while watching it and, along with the play and skip controls, those same options will pop up on the bottom. This is a good thing because you’ll be able to interact with the video without the related videos getting in the way of the content.


This feature involves commenting

You get the same number of controls with this new YouTube video menu with the addition of an important one: commenting. Usually, you’d have to exit the video and go to the comment section to comment. Now, there’s a button on the menu that will let you access the comments.

The comment section slides in from the right side of the screen resembling the live chat. Not only can you scan the comments, but you can also comment right from there. The keyboard will pop up allowing you to post your comment without leaving the video.

Make sure to update your YouTube app

This new menu should be live on YouTube at the moment. Right now, I’m using YouTube version 17.03.35. If you don’t see this new menu, you should check if you have the up-to-date version on your phone. Find YouTube on the Google Play Store and, if you see the “Update” option, then that will give you the latest update. If you don’t see the option, and you still can’t get the menu, then it might not have rolled out for your device.


I was able to get it on my Pixel 6 and my LG Velvet. If for any chance, you don’t have it yet, it shouldn’t be too long of a wait.

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