New Updates From Instagram To Expect In 2022

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As we all know, social media and all digital platforms are constantly updating their features and adding new ones, in order to keep people from getting bored. This way, exploring the algorithms offered by Meta or Google, always remains not only interesting but also impossible to crack the formula of trying to be the most popular. Speaking of popularity, currently, the most popular social media most definitely has to be Instagram, which offers the biggest range of different types of content people can post. Here are some new features of Instagram that you can expect in 2022.

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Strong engagement is growing

Different ways of engagement are gaining a bigger and bigger momentum since it has become a lot more important that you interact through story features, like “add yours”, questions and links. The more features you use in your content, the more popular your account will be. The amount of content or its consistency has become almost completely overrated. So, if you want people to really see your stories, go ahead and use all those stickers that are offered.


Comment in the reels with another reel

More useful news for those who use their Instagram accounts to share more video content is that now you’ll be able to reply to comments with other reels. That way, if there is anything somebody is specifically requesting or having trouble finding, you can directly show them by adding a reel to your reply. This is meant to enhance the conversation between people, just like using story features.

Change in suggested and followed feeds

When it comes to the overall fy-page on Instagram, it has been announced that Instagram will give us the option to pick those, whose posts we want to see at the top of the page, and whose are less relevant. This is an amazing organizational option, as well as a good thing for making sure that we only follow accounts that we truly want to, not just because we forgot to click unfollow.

Badges for US users

Speaking of those a bit more popular, for everyone who has more than 10,000 followers and lives in the US, badges will be available. If people purchase your badges, it will allow you to monetize the content you make through live streaming. It is an amazing opportunity for anyone who holds useful conversations with their audience through a live stream every once in a while.


In Conclusion

These are just some of the updates that are expected to arrive in 2022. Don’t forget to always keep up with the newest trends and systems companies offer you, so you can potentially reach a bigger audience.