Nest Hub Max Will Soon Receive Google Meet’s Companion Mode

Nest Hub Max DG AH 2021

Companion Mode is one of the greatest features that is added to Google Meet and paves the way for seamless remote collaboration. According to Engadget, the feature will soon be available to Nest Hub Max.

The pandemic changed the patterns of collaboration and reinforced remote working worldwide. Most of the collaborative apps and services worked hard to offer more remote-driven features to their users. Google Meet is one of those apps that experienced massive growth during the pandemic, along with Zoom.

According to the latest Google announcements, the Nest Hub Max users and other certified devices will soon be able to receive Google Meet’s second-screen Companion Mode. This way, users can attend more meetings and access the full capability of Google Meet. The feature would make it easier for users to shift between working environments.


For joining meetings using Companion Mode, you can go to Google Meet’s “green room” and activate the feature. Also, you can use the URL: g.co/companion address.

Google Meet Companion Mode is an essential feature for remote workers

By activating Companion Mode, users can access a wide range of features, including chatting, starting and voting on polls, raising their hand, using host controls, and turning on captions or translations.

Google says that its goal is to provide equal access to tools and features during video calls, regardless of the location. Previously, the control features in Google Meet were more accessible for users who attended a meeting by phone or PC. On the other hand, users with a traditional conference room setup had less chance to raise their hands and start talking. Now, there is an equal chance for both.


The rollout process starts this week. Of course, some users may receive it later due to their domain or user type. Also, for those using the free version of Google Meet, everyone attending the meeting will count as an additional participant towards the 100-person limit.