Nebula Streaming Service Gets An Android TV App

Nebula Android TV

The Nebula streaming service is now available for your Android TV, allowing users to stream content from the platform on their televisions. The app is also accessible to users on Google TV or Chromecast with Google TV.

The Nebula team made the announcement through its Twitter page (via 9to5Google) while also providing the Play Store link for the app. The Android TV version of Nebula appears to have the same link as the mobile/tablet version.

This streaming service currently has names like MKBHD, Captain Midnight, EposVox, and more

Nebula is a streaming platform developed by YouTube creators for longer and education-centric content. The service already has creators like Marques Brownlee, TechAltar, Captain Midnight, EposVox, and a handful of others.


Not many are likely aware of the Nebula platform. However, the service is building traction as more and more creators join the site to showcase their talents. Nebula focuses a great deal on the creators. As for the viewers, watching videos requires a subscription.

While Nebula is kind enough to allow the first video for free, anything beyond this requires sign-up and billing information. Fortunately, subscription prices aren’t too steep, with the platform charging $5/month or $50 for an annual subscription. For this price, you get the promise of “No pre-roll ads” and the ability to save videos for offline viewing. Subscribers also get access to Nebula Originals and Nebula+ content.

So how is this better than a YouTube Premium subscription?

Nebula offers a ton of exclusive content that you can’t find anywhere else, even on YouTube. So if you’re looking to get more from the creators you love, this is an avenue worth exploring. But for the most part, Nebula is still growing since its initial release in 2019.


So while you may not find the classic YouTube experience that we’ve grown so accustomed to, Nebula isn’t far behind as far as the quality of content is concerned. The platform can only get better with more creators joining the service.

The Nebula app is available for almost every platform, including iOS, the Amazon Appstore, Roku, and of course, the Google Play Store. If you want more content from your favorite YouTube creators that isn’t available anywhere else, Nebula is currently the best option.

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