Motorola MA1 Dongle Brings Wireless Android Auto To Your Car

motorola ma1 dongle

Android Auto has now become one of the essential features of a modern-day car. While some cars have switched over to wireless Android Auto, there is this other bunch that relies on tethered connection. For cars that still come with wired Android Auto units, Motorola has come to the rescue.

At CES 2022, Motorola has announced a new wireless car adapter for Android Auto. This wireless car adapter is called Motorola MA1 and can turn a wired Android Auto unit into a wireless one.

This will negate the need to carry or keep an extra USB cable connected to your car’s infotainment system for using Android Auto. Now, all you need to do is connect the Motorola MA1 USB dongle to your car’s head unit, and connect your phone to your car wirelessly.


According to a report by Techradar, Motorola has developed this MA1 wireless Android Auto dongle in collaboration with SGW Global.

Using Motorola’s wireless dongle, you can easily connect your phone to your car without any cord and use your favorite apps on the go.

Motorola MA1 dongle supports you to send media files over a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection

The best thing about this Motorola MA1 dongle is that it supports any in-car unit that comes with wired Android Auto support. You need to simply plug the dongle into the USB port of the head unit and pair it with your phone via Bluetooth.


Another good thing about this Motorola MA1 dongle is that it lets you send media files over a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection. Do note that this is not the first-of-a-kind wireless Android Auto dongle in the market.

Some Kickstarter projects have already launched similar wireless Android Auto dongles such as the Carsifi and AAWireless dongle. Moreover, you can also install a third-party head unit replacement on your car as well, that comes with wireless Android Auto inbuilt.

Overall, this Motorola MA1 wireless dongle will eliminate the need to spend those extra dollars to just be able to connect to Android Auto wirelessly.


If you really like the functionality of this dongle and want to purchase the Motorola MA1 wireless Android Auto dongle, then you would love to know that it will be available from January 28.

The price of the MA1 will be $89.95 and it will be available on the Motorola Sound website. There are a few requirements for using this wireless Android Auto dongle. Your phone should be running Android 11 or higher. Besides, the dongle doesn’t bring Android Auto to the head unit. So, make sure that your car already comes with it.