Monster Adds Razer Chroma Support To Its Smart Lights

Monster Smart Illuminessence Razer Chroma 2

Monster, the company you may know from HDMI cables and other assorted cord products for home theater audio, is announcing that its Smart Illuminessence smart home lighting now supports Razer Chroma.

Razer’s extremely versatile RGB lighting software that’s essentially baked into all the most popular smart home lighting brands. Allowing you to inject waves of color into any room in your home. While syncing it with your gaming peripherals and creating all kinds of cool, custom effects.

This support will extend to all Smart Illuminessence products that Monster makes. Which includes modular 3D art panels, a ring lamp, a light bar, LED light strips, smart bulbs, and light orbs. The 3D art panels are akin to something you’d find from Nanoleaf and LIFX. Though those two are hardly the only companies making such products, they are without a doubt the most well-known.


Monster offers Razer Chroma compatible smart lighting at a decent price

Monster Smart Illuminessence Razer Chroma 1

Smart lighting can be a really awesome addition to any home. The problem is that some of the products, like the Nanoleaf and LIFX panel starter kits, can be extremely expensive. Then you generally need to grab at least one add-on pack if you want to expand the lighting to cover a larger surface area.

Monster’s offerings come in at a fraction of the cost. With the Prism and Digit starter kits retailing for $99.99 and $69.99 respectively. Compared to the $200 baseline cost of the others. Add-on packs are cheaper too. Beginning at $34.99. So for the cost of a Nanoleaf starter kit you could decorate a good size portion of your wall with Monster’s panels, and get the same Razer Chroma effects.


If you’re not really into the light panels and prefer bulbs, those start at $14.99. Compare that to a LIFX or Philips Hue bulb which typically go for around $50 each. The point is, smart lighting with cool customizable effects doesn’t have to cost a lot.

You can find most of Monster’s Smart Illuminessence products on Amazon and on Monster’s own online store. Amazon appears to have most of or all of the offerings, but you can definitely find them all in stock on Monster’s website.