Mobile Gaming Is Taking Off: Best Games To Consider In 2022

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More and more mobile device users now double as gamers, using their smartphones as portable gaming consoles. For many people, using smartphones to play games unlocked a whole new world of fun and adventure.

The demand for mobile games is higher than ever, and this kind of entertainment is about to outperform the popularity of pc and console gaming.

The Rise of Mobile Gaming

Currently, there are around 2.7 billion people in the world who use their portable devices to play games, and 56% of them use this type of entertainment ten or more times a week. In 2020, the market reached a revenue of almost $160 billion.


The ever-increasing number of smartphone users is also causing the mobile gaming industry to get more attention from the leading game developers who are making an effort to incorporate more games into portable phones.

In fact, more than 90% of millennials prefer playing on their smartphones to using personal computers. Here are some of the reasons:

Convenience and Lower Cost of Devices

Convenience is one of the main reasons behind the skyrocketing popularity of mobile gaming. Cell phones became an essential part of people’s lives, and using them to access games on the go is not surprising at all.


Another reason behind the growth of mobile gaming is the fact that portable devices are more affordable than personal computers and consoles. While consoles like the new PS5 are quite expensive, numerous mobile apps are available for free, or for a pretty low price.

High Demand for Online Casino Games

Online casinos and card games have one of the longest average times per session on mobile devices, and their popularity is only growing. While their average time stands at 22 minutes, other game genres have a median time of 4.5 minutes per session.

Online casinos are definitely one of the top picks for mobile gamers. Casino fans have developed a habit of playing some of the most popular casino categories such as poker, baccarat, and pokies online. They appreciate the convenience of playing on their phones, whenever and wherever they want, while also trying out exciting new options and enjoying attractive rewards and bonuses offered by online operators.


Smartphones Might Even Overpower Computers

Smartphones have already started serving as primary computing devices, and the number of smartphones in use worldwide was three times higher than the number of PCs at the end of 2020. Not that long ago, computers could easily beat phones when it comes to performance, but nowadays that is no longer the case. Smartphone users upgrade their devices at a much faster rate than their computers, getting new and improved features all the time. Workers in almost all industries increasingly rely on smartphones for their daily tasks.

Best Games to Play in 2022

Knowing all this, in the end, let’s mention some of the titles worth considering in 2022:

Among Us

Although it was technically launched in 2018, Among Us grew to dominate the gaming world in 2020 as an ideal pastime for long quarantine days. As a player, you are joined with fellow astronauts on a mission to fix your spaceship, while secret enemies sneak in as imposters, trying their best to kill you all. Among Us applies a modern approach to multiplayer gameplay which requires careful communication and lots of strategic thinking.


Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII: Ever crisis is a single-player role-playing game that will keep getting updated with fresh monthly installments. The game will retell the well-known stories from several beloved Final Fantasy versions such as Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Advent Children, and Dirge of Cerberus. The players have the freedom to tackle the story in any order they personally like.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

One of the most adored items from the Castlevania franchise has finally got its mobile version. Once again, fans can take the form of the vampire Alucard and fight against the demonic hordes attacking the castle. The game comes with a rich RPG inventory and weapon system full of exciting items, unique gear, and creative spells. The players will have a chance to explore a tremendous castle, earn special abilities and skills, and fight an incredible array of monstrous enemies. This version of the famous Konami classic is one of the games you shouldn’t miss in 2022.

With the constant increase in the number of smartphone users around the globe, mobile games have found their way to a large portion of the world’s population. The market witnessed serious growth in 2020, and it continues to expand, and maybe even overpower the use of personal computers.


The selection of exciting games available on portable devices is also evolving and we’re sure some of our suggestions for the top choices in 2022 already sparked your interest.