Microsoft Surface Duo Will Get Android 11 In "A Few Weeks"

Surface Duo Announcement Trailer Screenshot

According to a new report, the Microsoft Surface Duo may finally get its Android 11 update. As most of you know, the Surface Duo comes with Android 10 out of the box, while Android 11 was expected to arrive already.

That update was expected to arrive before the end of 2021, as that’s what Microsoft promised. That’s not what happened, though, as we’re in 2022, and the update is still nowhere to be found.

Android 11 update for the Microsoft Surface Duo is right around the corner

Well, there’s a glimmer of hope it’ll come soon, though. Kimmo Lehtosalo, a Senior Director of Program Management at Microsoft, said that the company is finalizing the validation and certification for Android 11.


He said that Microsoft needed a few extra weeks to ensure a great experience for Surface Duo consumers. That’s why it didn’t arrive before the end of 2021. At the end of his statement, he added that the update will start rolling out “in the next few weeks”, starting with unlocked devices, of course.

If you got the Surface Duo from AT&T, well, you’ll likely have to wait for an extra couple of weeks. Let’s just hope that the update will land soon, so that we can finally leave Android 10 behind us.

What about Android 12, you may ask. That’s a perfectly legitimate question, as Android 12 is the latest Google has to offer. While some other OEMs are pushing Android 12 to their devices, Microsoft is still getting ready to push Android 11.


The company may skip Android 12 in favor of Android 12L

Well, not everything is so bleak, though. Why? Well, according to Windows Central, Microsoft is getting ready for the Android 12L update. The company may actually skip Android 12 entirely, in favor of Android 12L.

Android 12L is essentially Android 12, but with improvements for large-screen and folding devices. The Microsoft Duo definitely belongs in that category, of course, so this is good to hear.

That update will bring more dual-pane designs, a taskbar, and various other changes. Android 12L is expected to arrive before the end of Q1 2022, in case you were wondering. It’ll be interesting to see how long will it take Microsoft to push it out.