Microsoft Is Shelving Forza Street After Only Two Years

Forza street Poster

Sometimes, mobile versions of console/PC games just don’t spark any interest. Microsoft’s Forza Street, the company’s attempt to bring its popular racing series to the small screens, will be going away later this spring, according to the Forza support page. The game enjoyed only two years of life.

Forza Street just couldn’t find its audience

There are some killer racing titles available to download on mobile like Asphalt 9 and Real Racing 3, and Microsoft wanted a piece of that pie, apparently. Back in 2018, it launched a racing game called Miami Street for PCs and tablets.  Surprisingly, after less than a year on the market, the company rebranded the game as “Forza Street.”

Miami Street was performing poorly, so Microsoft slapped the Forza name on the game to hopefully get more people to look into it. This happened around the time that Microsoft moved the game from the Microsoft store to iOS and Android.


However, the newly rebranded Forza Street still didn’t find its audience. It was undoubtedly eclipsed by the more popular games that were better optimized for mobile gameplay.

The game is shutting down soon

In a post on the Forza support page, the company stated that it’s going to be shutting the game down later on in the Spring of 2022. If you plan on buying items in the game until then, you’re going to be disappointed, as the in-game store was closed down yesterday.

In fact, the very last update to the game was released yesterday, officially ending support for the game. Now, the company didn’t give us any exact dates on when we should expect the game to go away. Also, players who have spent money within the last 30 days will get a refund.


With that last update, the company gave users some new features to enjoy. There’s a new unreleased car made available, 12 weeks of Spotlight++ featuring Rare & Epic cars, starting on January 17, 2022, Faster Energy recharge and increased Energy storage, and Reduced prices on the vast majority of items purchased with in-game currency.

What were the issues with Forza Street?

Forza just was not an interesting or challenging game at all. Most mobile racing games let you steer your car with controls by rotating the device. Forza Street didn’t let you steer your car at all. It involved you merely tapping the screen at the right time to hit turns.

While it’s nice seeing games that are built for mobile, Forza Street was a little too built-for-mobile. It was just one big quick-time event, and people lost interest faster than they could cross the finish line.