Meta Adds New 3D Avatars To Instagram, Facebook, And Messenger

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Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook have been adding features to their story capabilities over the years. According to a post on the Meta blog, Meta just announced some new additions to Instagram stories along with some additions to Facebook and Messenger.

There are new 3D avatars on Instagram

Meta wants to make the process of Instagram stories more fun and inclusive. Starting off, Meta is introducing 3D avatars to Instagram stories. Folks can use a 3D representation of themselves in their Instagram stories as well as in direct messages. People can appear as animated 3D avatars while making their stories, and the camera will track their body’s motion. This means that they can act out whatever they want to as their 3D selves.

Along with being able to do this with the story, you can also do this with direct messages. Just like with a story, you can act out whatever you want to as the 3D avatar, and send it directly to an individual.


Meta is updating Facebook avatars

Instagram isn’t the only Meta property that’s getting some new updates to its avatars. Meta is making some additions to the 3D avatars on Facebook and Messenger. It’s adding assistive items to its 3D avatars. These include wheelchairs, hearing aids, cochlear, etc to the avatars. This is a move to make the platform more inclusive to people who suffer from disabilities. These changes are starting to roll out today in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

The blog post didn’t say whether it’s only available on iOS or on both platforms, so you should keep an eye out for any new content. Since it just started rolling out today, if it isn’t available just yet, it’ll come eventually.

It will still be safe to check if you have the updated version of the apps. You want to go to the Google Play Store or the iOS store and go to the Instagram app. There, you should see the option to update the app if an update is available.


In Other Instagram News: Instagram wants to limit your exposure to harmful content

Instagram recently announced some new changes to the algorithm that will limit people’s exposure to potentially harmful material. The app will restructure your feed to mostly feed you the recommendations rather than a random assortment of content. The app will deprioritize content that it deems harmful.

Posts that possibly contain hate speech, bullying. or other harmful content will be put lower on the feed. Also, if a post has a caption that’s similar to content that’s been blocked, Instagram will deprioritize it.