Here's A List Of World's Most Valuable Brands, Led By Apple

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Brand Finance has released a list of the world’s most valuable brands. It even compares this list to last year’s so you can see the differences. Let’s get straight to it, shall we.

These are the world’s most valuable brands

At the very top of the list sits Apple, and that was the case last year as well. The company value is set at $355.1 billion. Apple is followed by Amazon, which sits at around $5 billion less, according to the source. Amazon is valued at $350.2 billion. It was second-placed last year as well.

Google is third-placed, as was last year, and is valued at $263.4 billion. So, the difference here is quite considerable, as Amazon is almost $90 billion ahead. Microsoft is valued at $184.2 billion, at fourth place, so it’s not even close to Google.


Walmart closes in the top five brands on the list, as it’s valued at $111.9 billion, according to Brand Finance. It actually managed to jump from the sixth spot it held last year, and jump over Samsung, which is now sixth-placed.

Samsung Group is valued at $107.3 billion. Facebook follows with $101.2 billion, and ICBC took seventh place with $75.1 billion. Huawei jumped from 15th to 9th place on the list, as it’s valued at $71.2 billion.

Verizon closes down the top 10 list of companies

Verizon closes the top 10 list, with a valuation of $69.6 billion. The list that Brand Finance published includes 25 brands. So if you’d like to check them all out, click here.


This is a rather interesting list. What we found most surprising, when it comes to the top 10 companies, is the fact that Walmart sits above Samsung here. The difference is not that big, though, and it can’t be that surprising considering that Walmart was in 6th place last year.

WeChat also does really well on the list, as it’s in 13th place, and the same goes for Deutsche Telekom, TikTok, and Disney, who took 17th, 18th, and 19th place, respectively.