Motorola And LG Phone Trade-In Value Depreciated The Most in 2021

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Cell phones continue to rise in price, so it’s no surprise people trade in their devices to help offset the cost, but if you’re the owner of an LG or Motorola device, you may not be getting much money back due to their low trade-in value. According to a new report, trade-in values for phones from the two companies depreciated the most in 2021. Perhaps not surprising to some especially since LG shut down its phone manufacturing business.

Which LG and Motorola phones saw the worst trade-in value depreciation?

When it comes to trade in values, LG and Motorola devices dominated the top five in regards to depreciation. The Motorola One Hyper took the top spot, losing 85.7% of its value, according to a SellCell report. The Motorola Razr and One 5G’s trade-in value depreciated by 85.3% and 83.8%, respectively.

LG’s phones didn’t fare much better. The South Korean manufacturer’s LG Velvet 5G and LG V60 ThinQ saw trade in value drop by 84.1% and 82.8%.


Motorola trade-in value depreciation is a surprise

While the depreciation of value of LG phones shouldn’t come as a surprise, as they no longer make phones, the Motorola numbers may be a bit more of a shock.

Motorola phones are still sold in stores and online, with the Moto G Stylus 5G having just been released in 2021. In 2019, the company also brought back its popular Razr phone, blending its iconic design with modern features.

Apple’s iPhones saw the lowest depreciation

As for phones with the lowest trade-in value depreciation, Apple’s iPhones took over the top four spots. With Apple devices remaining expensive to buy, their trade-in value didn’t see much of a dip.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max, 12 Pro and 12 all saw less than a 35% drop in value. The iPhone 12 Mini came in at number four with a 43.8% drop.

What may come as a surprise to some is an Android device rounding out the top five. Google’s Pixel 5, released in 2020, only saw its value drop by 49.8%, a number close to the iPhone 12 mini.