LG Brings Its CLOi Service Robots To The States

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CES is over, but we’re still seeing some cool and exciting technology. The South Korean tech giant LG announced that it’s sending its CLOi service robots to the United States. These robots are able to serve customers and help with workloads.

The LG CLOi robots are coming to the States

Nearly a year after shutting down its smartphone division, LG has been focusing its attention elsewhere. The company developed a line of automated robots that can act as mechanical customer servants. These are called the LG CLOi service robots and they are the world’s first commercial service robots to receive a UL 3300 certification.

These robots are designed to travel within buildings like restaurants and hotels and provide services to customers. These duties include carrying around and giving items to customers. The CLOi service robots can carry up to 66lb without running into any trouble. Just looking at the robots, you can tell that they can carry a lot; they have three large trays to hold goods and a very wide bottom.


What’s important about this robot is that it can operate in a complex work environment full of twists, turns, and moving people. While people can identify their surroundings and act accordingly, that’s still an area in technology that’s improving. It seems that the CLOi will be able to navigate its surroundings just fine.

How does it know its surroundings?

Being able to see where it is and who’s around it is a really important task for the CLOi robots, this is why LG gave them a host of different sensors to help them identify their surroundings. The robots use these sensors in tandem in order to get a sense of their surroundings. They use a combination of 3D cameras, LIDAR sensors, ToF (Time of Flight) sensors, and bumper sensors. Because of these sensors, the robots can actually adjust their movements in real-time.

Where can we expect to see these robots?

The CLOi service robots are centered around taking the load off of workers, so you can expect to see them in more luxurious places. According to LG, we can expect to see them in retail locations like clothing stores, restaurants handing out food, large hotels, and other locations. The company predicts that its CLOi service robots will be able to reduce the load on workers and speed up productivity. These robots will be making their way to the US early this year, but there’s no definite date just yet.

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LG CLOi ServeBot