JBL Introduced Quantum Stream Microphone For Streamers

JBL Quantum Stream

JBL is a popular company that centers around audio technology, and, according to Engadget, it introduced some new products in its Quantum line of gaming gear. This includes the new JBL Quantum Stream microphone that’s made for streamers and new TWS earbuds.

The JBL Quantum Stream is the company’s first microphone for gaming

Sometimes, gamers and streamers can’t use just any old microphone. JBL has introduced the Quantum Stream, its first microphone that’s targeted at streamers and podcasters. It’s the first microphone in the Quantum lineup of gamer products, and it has a pretty sleek design.

The JBL Quantum Stream is a condenser microphone with a basic gain dial on the front. There are two distinct pickup modes you can set the microphone depending on what you’re using it for. One mode focuses the audio pick up on one person, and this is perfect for streamers and podcasters.


There’s also a mode where it will pick up audio from all around. This is for groups of multiple who have to speak into the mic.

JBL is also introducing some new TWS earbuds

JBL is also adding a pair of TWS earbuds to its Quantum line of products. This will be the first set of earbuds to be added to this line. These are definitely premium-tier earbuds, as they come with some premium features.

For starters, you can summon different virtual assistants using these earbuds. It will depend on which assistant you would want to use. For the audio, these new earbuds have QuantumSURROUND. As the name suggests, it enables spatial audio for a more immersive listening experience.


These earbuds have the most popular premium earbuds feature: Active Noise Cancellation. This feature will cancel out the ambient noise so that you can listen to your music easier.

These new JBL TWS earbuds use Bluetooth connectivity which means that you can use them with phones, and gaming consoles. If you want reduced latency when you’re listening, you can use the USB-C dongle to connect them to a computer. This will be ideal for gamers who use them.

According to JBL, these TWS earbuds will have an 8-hour battery life off of the charger. The charging case will provide 16 more hours of playtime adding up to a full 24 hours of listening.


If you’re excited about getting these earbuds, you’re going to have to wait a bit. These are not set to launch until sometime in the Spring. When they do eventually launch, they will retail for $150. That’s not a bad price considering the amount of features you get.