January 2022 Security Patch For Samsung Devices Fixes Over 60 Vulnerabilities

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra AH 03

Samsung has detailed the contents of the January 2022 Android security patch for its Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The latest SMR (Security Maintenance Release) contains fixes for more than five dozen privacy and security vulnerabilities found on Google’s version of Android as well as Samsung’s custom software.

According to the updated security bulletin on Samsung’s website, this month’s SMR contains no less than 52 CVE items (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) from Google. At least two of those vulnerabilities, which have been fixed now, were of critical severity. Meaning, they could potentially cause critical damages to users if exploited in the wild. Google also patched 36 high-risk vulnerabilities with the January 2022 SMR. Nine other CVE items, which are part of the latest Android security patch, don’t apply to Samsung devices.

Additionally, Samsung has fixed 19 SVE items (Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures) as well this month. SVEs are privacy and security vulnerabilities that only affect the Korean brand’s Android-powered devices. The company hasn’t disclosed them all in the update bulletin, which is standard practice as the new security patch has yet to roll out to many Galaxy smartphones and tablets.


Among those disclosed include a high-risk vulnerability relating to Knox Guard. An incorrect implementation of Knox Guard allowed an attacker to temporarily unlock it by physically entering the Samsung DeX mode. Samsung has also fixed at least two more high-risk vulnerabilities with this month’s SMR. You can find the updated Android Security Bulletin for January 2022 here.

Samsung has already started rolling out the January 2022 security patch

Samsung has lately made a habit of releasing the latest security patch to its devices even before entering the new month. It has done so without fail for more than a year now, including this month. The January 2022 SMR rolled out to the Galaxy A51 towards the end of December last year, much before any other Android OEM. A few more devices have since jumped on the bandwagon, including the Galaxy S21 series. You can expect more to join the party in the coming weeks.

It’s not just security updates that Samsung is excelling at lately though. The Korean behemoth has been surprisingly fast with its Android 12 rollout as well. We are just entering the new year and the company has already seeded the Android 12-based One UI 4.0 to dozens of Galaxy smartphones and tablets. These include all of its eligible flagship models and a few lower-cost ones. The remaining eligible mid-range and budgets models will also receive the big Android update over the next few months.