How To Set The Default Email App On Windows 10

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Having quick and easy access to your emails is really important, and this is especially true if you’re a professional. This is why most people opt to assign a default email app on their computers. Getting the “ping” and popup notification when you get an email makes life easier than searching through an app or browser.

Assigning a default email app to your computer has another benefit: it keeps you from having to pick up your phone to look at your emails. Most focused business professionals want to avoid reading emails on the device that has all of their social media applications.

If you’re wanting to assign a default email app to your Windows 10 computer, it’s a pretty easy process to do. Here’s how to assign the default email app to your Windows 10 computer.


How to set the default email app on your Windows 10 computer

First, you’re going to want to go to the start menu. There, you’ll see a little settings icon on the left panel on the start menu. Clicking it will open up your settings application. If you need to make any changes to your system, you’re going to want to start with this app.


You should see a button titled “Apps”; click it, and it will take you to the app settings center. This is a central hub to access a plethora of different settings regarding your apps, so if you have any questions regarding your apps, you may want to get familiar with this page.


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On the left panel, you’ll see a section called “Default Apps.” This is the section where you’re going to set your default email app. The sections will give you the option to set the default email app, photo viewer, video player, map app, and web browser.

Click on the default email option, and you’ll get a dropdown menu with a host of different options for email apps. When you get your computer, you’ll most likely have Microsoft’s own email app set as the default. Other than that, you’ll also see Microsoft Edge as an option. If you install Google Chrome, you’ll also see that as a potential option.


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Email apps you can use on Windows 10

Picking your application is as simple as choosing from the list, but what if none of the options pique your interest? Don’t fear, there are a lot of email applications that you can find on the Windows store that you can download.

EasyMail Poster


If you’re an avid Gmail user, then EasyMail for Gmail is a good application. What makes this application good is that it’s not trying to reinvent the wheel with Gmail. You get the core Gmail experience from top to bottom. The app is basically a conduit that displays the Gmail webpage.

It’s worth noting that there are ads in the applications. On the right side of the window, you’ll see some ads stacked vertically. While there are ads, they’re really out of the way. It actually took me a minute to even notice they were there.

This application is free on the Microsoft Store, but it does contain in-app purchases. If you want to download it, it’s only 14MB.


Download EasyMail For Gmail

Blue Mail Poster

Another good email application is called Blue Mail – Email and Calendar. As its name suggests, this is a combination email application and calendar app. When you start the application, you can log in to one of many available email providers including Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail, AOL, Comcast, AT&T,  MSN, and a bunch more. Once you sign in, you’ll need to grant the application access to your email account.


Once you’re in, you’ll get why it’s called Blue Mail. The entire interface has a pleasing blue aesthetic to it. On the left, you’ll see all of your usual email sections like the inbox, drafts, sent mail, trash, outbox, etc. When you click on an inbox, you’ll see a slender feed open up that houses all of the emails in that inbox. The rest of the screen to the right will display the actual email contents.

Blue Mail is like a miniature productivity suite, as it also has a calendar added in. Much like most calendar apps, you have the ability to add events on different days and times of the day. Much like Google Calendar, you can set events in 15-minute increments, and you can also set them to last all day. If you’re interested in getting this app, it’s a sizable 93MB to download.

Download Blue Mail


Firefox Poster

Mozilla Firefox has been a popular browser for years, and just like with Chrome and Edge, you can set it as your default email application. With Firefox, the sky is the limit with the different email providers you can use. When you get Firefox, you’ll have to log in to your respective email provider and enable notifications to be sent to your computer.

When you get an email notification, it will show up in your notification menu. You’ll just need to click on it, and you’ll be taken right to the email page. This option is perfect if you’re already a Firefox user and you don’t want to use a different service. You can either download the installer from your browser or get the application right from the Microsoft Store.

Get Firefox From the Microsoft Store

Be careful when downloading email apps

When it comes to downloading and assigning different email apps, it’s always best to check if they’re trustworthy apps. When you sign in to a new email app, you’re giving the developer your information, so you need to make sure that none of the apps are collecting data for harmful reasons. Read the reviews and look out for red flags.