How To Mirror Galaxy Phone To Samsung TV For Enhanced Entertainment & Gaming Experience?

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That stunning photograph you took. The latest movie release. That action-packed game. Taking part in a video call or online training. Or even betting on your best online sportsbooks. It’s time to take these amazing experiences out of your mobile device and right onto a big screen. While smartphone displays are much better and sharper these days, nothing can beat the big-screen experience – especially when it comes to entertainment and gaming.

Quad HD resolutions, Dolby-digital surround sound and an array of other smart features deliver an enhanced TV experience. Though smartphones tend to bring the entire world right to your fingertips, there are some experiences that are worth enjoying on a television. For instance, watching an exciting football match, live streaming of the latest action-packed movie or joining an online class via Zoom.

All these experiences seem to be crammed up on your Galaxy phone and can be annoying. Instead, you can now mirror your mobile screen to a Samsung TV in just a few steps. Here are some top reasons why more people are choosing to cast their Android phone to Samsung TV for an improved gaming and entertainment experience:

  • Even if you own a high-end smartphone with HD or quad-HD display, you always get better display quality on a bigger screen like a Samsung smart TV. This offers an amazing viewing experience, perfect for enjoying live streaming of movies & web series, watching sports or even playing games on an online casino.
  • When it comes to games, movies, music, etc., the sound quality matters. High-quality surround sound is one of the primary features that make a Samsung TV stand out from any mobile phone.
  • You actually go hands-free when you cast your phone screen to a nearby TV. Get the same experiences on your TV but without having to tuck your neck or hold the mobile device the entire time.
  • Watching your phone can be threatening for your health too. But the fun and excitement you have on your mobile device can now be mirrored on a bigger screen, saving you from some bad health issues.

Inquisitive about this new technology? Learn how to mirror your Galaxy phone to Samsung TV.

Steps to Mirror Your Phone’s Screen to a Samsung TV

Before you understand how to mirror your phone to Samsung TV, it is important to know that there is a difference between “screen mirroring” and “casting.”

Screen mirroring allows you to mirror exactly what’s on your Galaxy phone’s screen to a smart TV. Whatever is showing on your mobile, it will appear the same on your TV, including when you are navigating from one app to another, your home screen, videos & images, games, everything.


On the other hand, casting means transmitting images and sound from your mobile device to a nearby TV in real-time via the Internet. Even if you do not have a smart TV, there are third-party casting devices like Amazon Firestick or Chromecast that allows you to stream videos from your phone directly to a bigger screen. During casting, whatever you do on your phone will not appear on the TV or interrupt the video.

Here we will discuss the steps to “mirror” your Galaxy phone to Samsung TV using the feature “Smart View.” Turn on a nearby Samsung TV that supports Smart View. Find and click the “Smart View” option on your Samsung Galaxy mobile device. It will show the device name to which you want to mirror your phone’s screen.

Tap on it. “Accept” Bluetooth Wi-Fi connectivity on your Samsung TV as it receives a message from your phone. And your phone screen will mirror your TV immediately.