Google Is Working On A 'Tap To Transfer' Feature For Media

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It seems odd talking about Android 13 when Google is still working the kinks out of Android 12. The next iteration in Android, codenamed “Tiramisu,” is still in the very early stages of development. Regardless, thanks to Android Police, we’ve got a scoop on a potential Tap To Transfer feature coming to the platform.

The Tap To Transfer feature will play media on different devices

One core focus for several companies nowadays is moving media from one device to another, seamlessly. It seems that Google wants to make it easier to transfer the media you’re playing from one device to another. A trusted source via Android Police was able to obtain some screenshots of this feature in action. While it’s not much to go on, it lets us know a bit of information.

For starters, when you’re playing media on your phone (let’s just say music), you should be able to transfer that media to another device seamlessly. While this isn’t a really new concept, Google seems to be focusing on making the process as straightforward as possible.


When you’re playing music on your phone, you may have the ability to tap your device to another. From that point, your music or other media will begin playing on that device. Instead of digging through the app and pairing the devices, you’ll be able to just have the devices close to one another.

This is familiar to Apple’s implementation

Avid Android fans among you might not like this fact, but this is reminiscent of what Apple does with its Homepods. If you’re playing music on an iOS device, you can simply tap your device to the Homepod and the music will start playing on it. Not only that, but it will pick up where the music left off.  It’s a quick and easy way to transition from one audio setup to another.

We’re not sure, at this point, just how well this will work out on Android’s side of the river. It’s unclear just when we’ll see anything solid, as Android 13 is still months from being a thing.


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More Android 13 features have been leaked

Even though it’s much too early to talk about Android 13 leaks, well, we have Android 13 leaks for you. An unnamed source provided XDA Developers with a handful of screenshots showing some of the changes coming. We see changes to the way languages are handled, the notifications, and much more. These leaks might not be completely valid in the coming months. We’re going to start seeing the early developer previews somewhat soon.